Here we link to some simple examples that demonstrate the capabilities of the Spotify Web API and to wrapper libraries for various languages.

Web API Tutorial

Example App Code

This is the application code that goes with our Web API Tutorial. It includes three examples, one for each of our supported authorization flows.

Basic snippets

Users Endpoint Demo

Displays current user’s information such as display name, picture and email.

Search for an Artist (and Lookup) Demo

Searches for an artist, displaying their albums and making it possible to play a 30 second preview of the first track of each album.

Play a track using voice commands

A demo that recognizes voice commands and plays the desired song. Remember to enable your microphone and grant access to the web app to make it work.

Example apps


A Spotify web player built using the 30s audio previews from the Web API. Demo · Source on GitHub

Playlist Creation

This example creates a playlist based on the words of a sentence. Demo · Source on GitHub

30s Drum Machine

A simple drum machine using Spotify 30s preview mp3s as samples. Demo · Source on GitHub

Artist Explorer

Artists Explorer is a tool that helps music enthusiasts explore artist relationships and discover new music. It uses both the Spotify Web API and the Echo Nest APIs. Demo · Source on GitHub

For more examples of complete apps, see our Developer Showcase.

Echo Nest example apps

Together, the Echo Nest and Spotify APIs provide broad and deep data on millions of artists and songs, making it easy for you to build world-class music apps that take advantage of all of the capabilities provided by both APIs. You can find many excellent examples at the Echo Nest website, including:

Example AppDescription   
Genre BrowserLearn about a new genres: read about the background and history of the genre, listen to its music, learn about the genre's key artists and more.source codedemolicense
Similar Artist BrowserGiven a seed artist, this app shows images of similar artists.source codedemolicense
Simple PlaylistCreates an Echo Nest artist radio playlist with the Spotify Play Buttonsource codedemolicense
Simple Playlist with Web APICreates an Echo Nest artist radio playlist using the Spotify Web APIsource codedemolicense
Chill RadioCreates an artist radio of low energy songs using the Spotify and Echo Nest APIssource codedemolicense
Black History MonthShows how important artists have
influenced the music that we listen to today.
source codedemolicense
Sort Your MusicA web app that sorts your playlists by a wide range of Echo Nest parameterssource codedemolicense
My Saved TracksA web app that demonstrates how to retrieve the saved tracks for a Spotify User. source codedemolicense

In addition there are several more exciting and sophisticated demonstration apps at the Echo Nest site.


Here we collect a list of libraries for integrating with the Spotify Web API using several programming languages and platforms.

Web API Wrappers

Javascript (client-side)


OAuth2 integration