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Web APIReferences / Shows / Remove User's Saved Shows

Remove User's Saved Shows

Delete one or more shows from current Spotify user's library.

Authorization scopes


  • ids

    A comma-separated list of the Spotify IDs for the shows. Maximum: 50 IDs.

    Example: ids=5CfCWKI5pZ28U0uOzXkDHe,5as3aKmN2k11yfDDDSrvaZ
  • market

    An ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 country code. If a country code is specified, only content that is available in that market will be returned.
    If a valid user access token is specified in the request header, the country associated with the user account will take priority over this parameter.
    Note: If neither market or user country are provided, the content is considered unavailable for the client.
    Users can view the country that is associated with their account in the account settings.

    Example: market=ES


Show removed


Response sample

empty response