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Web APIReferences / Player / Transfer Playback

Transfer Playback

Transfer playback to a new device and optionally begin playback. This API only works for users who have Spotify Premium. The order of execution is not guaranteed when you use this API with other Player API endpoints.

Important policy notes
Authorization scopes


supports free form additional properties
  • device_ids
    array of strings

    A JSON array containing the ID of the device on which playback should be started/transferred.
    For example:{device_ids:["74ASZWbe4lXaubB36ztrGX"]}
    Note: Although an array is accepted, only a single device_id is currently supported. Supplying more than one will return 400 Bad Request

  • play

    true: ensure playback happens on new device.
    false or not provided: keep the current playback state.


Playback transferred


Request body

Response sample