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Web APIReferences / Episodes / Save Episodes for Current User

Save Episodes for Current User

Save one or more episodes to the current user's library.
This API endpoint is in beta and could change without warning. Please share any feedback that you have, or issues that you discover, in our developer community forum.

Authorization scopes


  • ids

    A comma-separated list of the Spotify IDs. Maximum: 50 IDs.

    Example: ids=77o6BIVlYM3msb4MMIL1jH,0Q86acNRm6V9GYx55SXKwf
supports free form additional properties
  • ids
    array of strings

    A JSON array of the Spotify IDs.
    A maximum of 50 items can be specified in one request. Note: if the ids parameter is present in the query string, any IDs listed here in the body will be ignored.


Episode saved


Request body

Response sample

empty response