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Web APIReferences / Playlists / Update Playlist Items

Update Playlist Items

Either reorder or replace items in a playlist depending on the request's parameters. To reorder items, include range_start, insert_before, range_length and snapshot_id in the request's body. To replace items, include uris as either a query parameter or in the request's body. Replacing items in a playlist will overwrite its existing items. This operation can be used for replacing or clearing items in a playlist.

Note: Replace and reorder are mutually exclusive operations which share the same endpoint, but have different parameters. These operations can't be applied together in a single request.

Authorization scopes


  • playlist_id

    The Spotify ID of the playlist.

    Example: 3cEYpjA9oz9GiPac4AsH4n
  • uris

    A comma-separated list of Spotify URIs to set, can be track or episode URIs. For example: uris=spotify:track:4iV5W9uYEdYUVa79Axb7Rh,spotify:track:1301WleyT98MSxVHPZCA6M,spotify:episode:512ojhOuo1ktJprKbVcKyQ
    A maximum of 100 items can be set in one request.

supports free form additional properties
  • uris
    array of strings
  • range_start

    The position of the first item to be reordered.

  • insert_before

    The position where the items should be inserted.
    To reorder the items to the end of the playlist, simply set insert_before to the position after the last item.
    To reorder the first item to the last position in a playlist with 10 items, set range_start to 0, and insert_before to 10.
    To reorder the last item in a playlist with 10 items to the start of the playlist, set range_start to 9, and insert_before to 0.

  • range_length

    The amount of items to be reordered. Defaults to 1 if not set.
    The range of items to be reordered begins from the range_start position, and includes the range_length subsequent items.
    To move the items at index 9-10 to the start of the playlist, range_start is set to 9, and range_length is set to 2.

  • snapshot_id

    The playlist's snapshot ID against which you want to make the changes.


A snapshot ID for the playlist

  • snapshot_id
    Example: "abc"

Request body

Response sample

{  "snapshot_id": "abc"}