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Web APIReferences / Player / Start/Resume Playback

Start/Resume Playback

Start a new context or resume current playback on the user's active device.

Important policy notes
Authorization scopes


  • device_id

    The id of the device this command is targeting. If not supplied, the user's currently active device is the target.

    Example value: "0d1841b0976bae2a3a310dd74c0f3df354899bc8"
supports free form additional properties
  • context_uri

    Optional. Spotify URI of the context to play. Valid contexts are albums, artists & playlists. {context_uri:"spotify:album:1Je1IMUlBXcx1Fz0WE7oPT"}

  • uris
    array of strings

    Optional. A JSON array of the Spotify track URIs to play. For example: {"uris": ["spotify:track:4iV5W9uYEdYUVa79Axb7Rh", "spotify:track:1301WleyT98MSxVHPZCA6M"]}

  • Optional. Indicates from where in the context playback should start. Only available when context_uri corresponds to an album or playlist object "position" is zero based and can’t be negative. Example: "offset": {"position": 5} "uri" is a string representing the uri of the item to start at. Example: "offset": {"uri": "spotify:track:1301WleyT98MSxVHPZCA6M"}

    supports free form additional properties
  • position_ms



Playback started