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Web APIReferences / Player / Start/Resume Playback

Start/Resume Playback

Start a new context or resume current playback on the user's active device. This API only works for users who have Spotify Premium. The order of execution is not guaranteed when you use this API with other Player API endpoints.

Important policy notes
Authorization scopes


  • device_id

    The id of the device this command is targeting. If not supplied, the user's currently active device is the target.

    Example: device_id=0d1841b0976bae2a3a310dd74c0f3df354899bc8
supports free form additional properties
  • context_uri

    Optional. Spotify URI of the context to play. Valid contexts are albums, artists & playlists. {context_uri:"spotify:album:1Je1IMUlBXcx1Fz0WE7oPT"}

  • uris
    array of strings

    Optional. A JSON array of the Spotify track URIs to play. For example: {"uris": ["spotify:track:4iV5W9uYEdYUVa79Axb7Rh", "spotify:track:1301WleyT98MSxVHPZCA6M"]}

  • Optional. Indicates from where in the context playback should start. Only available when context_uri corresponds to an album or playlist object "position" is zero based and can’t be negative. Example: "offset": {"position": 5} "uri" is a string representing the uri of the item to start at. Example: "offset": {"uri": "spotify:track:1301WleyT98MSxVHPZCA6M"}

    supports free form additional properties
    • position_ms



    Playback started


    Request body

    Response sample