Spotify Developer

Announcing the new iOS SDK Beta. Start creating iOS apps today.

Spotify Widgets

Add Spotify HTML widgets to your web pages and let your web visitors play tracks and follow Spotify profiles. Read more

Spotify Play Button

Spotify Play Button

Add a Spotify Play Button to your blog, website, or social page—all your fans have to do is hit “Play” to enjoy the music. Read more

Spotify Apps

Create your own Spotify App and run it in the Spotify Desktop Player using our Apps API and Views API. Read more

Spotify Follow Button

Spotify Follow Button

Add Spotify Follow buttons to your pages and make it easy for your web visitors to follow you or your favorite artists, or indeed any Spotify profile. Read more

Libspotify SDK

Build your own personal music streaming applications using the Libspotify SDK or CocoaLibSpotify. Read more


Spotify iOS SDK (Beta)

The Spotify iOS SDK makes it easy to add audio streaming, playlist manipulation, metadata lookup and other Spotify features to iOS apps. Read more

Metadata API

Use the Metadata API to explore the Spotify music catalog and retrieved track, album and artist data. Read more


News: Lab’s Visualizer App

Spotify Labs new Visualizer App shows how to use the Spotify Apps API to provide a graphical representation of the playing track.