This page lists significant updates and bug fixes to the Web API. In order to keep track of the changes we recommend you to subscribe to the Spotify page on API Changelog, subscribe to our RSS or follow @SpotifyPlatform on Twitter.

March 29th, 2016Added new endpoints to get Audio Features for Tracks, Get Recommendations Based on Seeds and Get a User’s Top Artists and Tracks.Tweet, Blog post
December 1st, 2015Added endpoint to retrieve Current User's Playlists.Tweet
Nov 23, 2015Added endpoints to retrieve and modify the Current User's Saved albums.Tweet
Jul 17, 2015Added a new endpoint to Get a List of User's Followed Artists.Tweet
May 14, 2015Added snapshot_id to simplified playlists.
May 11, 2015A user's collaborative playlists are now retrievable using the Get User's Playlists endpoint.Tweet
February 26th, 2015Added new endpoint for Reordering Playlist's Tracks.Tweet
February 11th, 2015Added track relinking. Read more in the Track Relinking Guide.Tweet
February 9th, 2015Added new endpoints to Get a List of Browse Categories, Get a single Browse Category, and Get a Browse Category’s Playlists.Tweet
February 5th, 2015Added new endpoint for Checking if Users are Following a Playlist.Tweet
February 3rd, 2015Added birthdate to the Get Current User's Profile endpoint.Tweet
January 30th, 2015Playlists without a custom cover image now return mosaic images based on their contents.
January 14th, 2015Added new endpoints for Follow a Playlist and Unfollow a Playlist.Tweet
December 16th, 2014Added new endpoints for managing the artists and other users that a user follows: Follow Artists or Users, Unfollow Artists or Users, and Check if Current User Follows.Tweet, Blog post
November 11th, 2014Added popular public playlists to the search endpoint.Blog post
November 7th, 2014Copyright text is now included in full album objects.
October 23rd, 2014Added a timestamp to the Get a list of featured playlists endpoint so that results can be tailored to the user's timezone.
October 23rd, 2014Added followers to the Get a User's Profile and Get Current User's Profile endpoints. While the total property will be populated with the amount of followers the user has, href will remain null for now.Blog post
October 23rd, 2014Get a User's Profile now returns display_name and profile images. Also, the Get Current User's Profile endpoint returns these two JSON objects without requiring a scope.Blog post
October 21st, 2014Added two endpoints for retrieving items featured on the Spotify Browse tab: Get a List of Featured Playlists and Get a List of New Releases. Both endpoints provide an optional country parameters to allow you to filter the returned items to be relevant to a particular country.Blog post
October 20th, 2014Added followers to endpoints returning the Full Artist object. (Get Artist, Get Several Artists, and Get Related Artists.) While the total property will be populated with the amount of followers the artist has, href will remain null for now.Tweet
October 16th, 2014Added from_token keyword to Search for an Item endpoint to allow returned items to be filtered according to the user's account country.
September 16th, 2014Temporarily removed etag support from playlist endpoint documentation due to reported issues.
September 16th, 2014Renamed country parameter to market in Get an artist's albums endpoint. The synonym country will remain supported in V1.
September 11th, 2014Added market filter to the Search endpoint to allow results to be filtered to show only playable content.
September 9th 2014Shipped a Console to easily explore the Web API endpoints.Blog post
September 3rd 2014Trying to add a track to a non-existent playlist now returns a NOT FOUND error.
September 3rd 2014Fixed error where some playlists could never be fetched.
September 3rd 2014Playlists with custom images will now provide them in the [images] array.
September 3rd 2014[images] key added to simplified playlist object.
September 3rd 2014Retrieving playlists for a user now respects LIMIT and OFFSET parameters instead of always returning all playlists.
August 26th, 2014Added Working with Playlists guide to clarify some aspects of managing playlists.
August 14th, 2014Added Remove Tracks from a Playlist endpoint.Blog post
August 14th, 2014Added Replace a playlist's tracks endpoint to replace all tracks in a playlist with one API call.Blog post
August 14th, 2014Anonymous tokens can now successfully retrieve private playlists.
August 14th, 2014Large playlists from users with special characters in their username can now be retrieved successfully.
July 31st, 2014Simple track object now includes available_markets.
July 29th, 2014Added Change a Playlist's Details endpoint to allow authorized apps to edit a playlist's name and public status.Tweet
July 23rd, 2014Added "Your Music" tracks endpoints to interact with the authenticated users tracks collection.Blog post
July 21st, 2014Renamed scope playlist-modify to playlist-modify-public. Check out Using Scopes
July 7th, 2014Added related artists endpoint to get similar artists to a given one.Blog post
July 7th, 2014Added show_dialog parameter to be able to force the permissions dialog when logging in on the Spotify Accounts service via the authorization code and implicit grant flows. See the Web API Authorization Guide.
June 24th, 2014Bug that caused some preview_urls to be returned as null, is now fixed.Blog post
June 24th, 2014Simple album object now includes available_markets.Blog post