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Retrieve metadata from Spotify content, control playback or get recommendations

Spotify Web API enables the creation of applications that can interact with Spotify's streaming service, such as retrieving content metadata, getting recommendations, creating and managing playlists, or controlling playback.

Getting started

This is where the magic begins! The following steps will help you to get started with your journey towards creating some awesome music apps using the API:

  1. Log into the dashboard using your Spotify account.
  2. Create an app and select "Web API" for the question asking which APIs are you planning to use. Once you have created your app, you will have access to the app credentials. These will be required for API authorization to obtain an access token.
  3. Use the access token in your API requests.

You can follow the Getting started tutorial to learn how to make your first Web API call.


The documentation is organized as follows:

  • Concepts that clarify key topics
  • Tutorials, which serve as an introduction to important topics when using Web API
  • How-Tos, step-by-step guides that cover practical tasks or use cases
  • Reference, the API specification

API reference

The Spotify Web API provides a wide range of functionality for developers, including:

And much more! You can find a complete list of available endpoints in the API Reference.


We've provided a step-by-step how-to that will guide you through the creation of a web app to display your Spotify profile data.


If you have any questions or run into any issues while using the Spotify Web API, you can find help in the Spotify Developer Community. Here, you can connect and get help from other developers.

By using Spotify Web API, you accept the Spotify Developer Terms of Service.