Prepare the following information before you register your application:

  • Your website URL.
  • A redirection URI for whitelisting with Spotify.

Register Your App:

  1. On your Dashboard click CREATE A CLIENT ID.
  2. Enter Application Name and Application Description and then click CREATE. Your application is registered, and the app view opens.
  3. On the app view, click Edit Settings to view and update your app settings. Edit Settings View

Note: Find your Client ID and Client Secret; you need them in the authentication phase.

  • Client ID is the unique identifier of your application.
  • Client Secret is the key that you pass in secure calls to the Spotify Accounts and Web API services. Always store the client secret key securely; never reveal it publicly! If you suspect that the secret key has been compromised, regenerate it immediately by clicking the link on the edit settings view.

Whitelist a Redirect URI

In Redirect URIs enter one or more addresses that you want to whitelist with Spotify. This URI enables the Spotify authentication service to automatically re-launch your app every time the user logs in.

To Enter URI for an App on iOS:

  1. Verify that:
    • All the characters are lowercase.
    • The prefix must be unique to your application. It cannot be a general prefix like http.
    • The prefix must only be used by your application for authenticating Spotify. If you already have a URL scheme handled by your application for other uses, do not reuse it.
    • We recommend that you include the name of your application in the URI.
    • Include a path after the first pair of forward slashes. For example: Your app name is My Awesome App The redirect URI may be my-awesome-app-login://callback or awesomeprotocol123://returnafterlogin.

    Note: Do not use https, http, or any other common protocol as a prefix as you will find that the callback opens your client web browser or some other program. Enter a unique protocol prefix so that your app has a chance to listen for it.

  2. Click ADD.

Playback Platform

To playback music from Spotify in your browser (via the Web Playback SDK), you don’t need to do any additional steps in your App Settings. To playback music from Spotify on iOS (via the iOS SDK), enter Bundle IDs. To playback music from Spotify on Android (iva the Android SDK), enter one or more Android package name and its SHA1 Fingerprint.

SAVE your changes; your app settings are available for your review on the Dashboard.