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Updates and Support

Warning:Commercial Hardware tools and the eSDK are available only for approved partners

Updating to a newer eSDK version

Ensure your users have a great experience by continuously upgrading to the latest eSDK version, you do not need to perform certification again for releases between minor eSDK versions (eg. 3.112 to v3.122).

Adding new functionality

If you’re adding any kind of functionality to the device itself or to its companion app, it needs to go through us. This includes (but is not restricted to) adding a now playing view, adding presets, multiroom, etc.

Keeping the eSDK version up to date

The eSDK version on your device should never be older than 6 months.


Do you have any questions? You are welcome to contact us. We’ve collected the most frequently asked questions here.

If you’re using a Systems Integrator, first please contact them directly, and they will help you with any questions.