Open Access

Distribute your paid content on Spotify,
accessible only to your subscriber base

Spotify Open Access features are available only for approved partners

Spotify Open Access (SOA) is a first-of-its-kind offering in the audio industry, broadening distribution for creators who offer paid content. The system enables creators with existing paid content businesses to activate their customers on Spotify, and it allows Spotify users to unlock and listen to content they paid for via third-party services: for example, publications with paywalled content or licensed audiobook providers.

How it works

You control who has access

Use the Open Access API to tell Spotify what episodes or shows are playable by whom using the concept of Entitlements. Subscription cancelled or credit card expired? You can revoke or update entitlements in near realtime.

Tell your subscribers to connect with Spotify

Your subscribers can link their accounts to a Spotify account using OAuth. Spotify does not store any passwords or usernames of your subscribers and they can revoke access at any time.

Securing your content

Content hosted on the Spotify platform is protected by Spotify's battle-tested content protection/DRM systems. Restrictions are enforced by services in the Spotify backend, ensuring that only authorized users are allowed to stream a particular media item. Restrictions take into account the content's availability markets and dates, as well as the users access permissions to SOA content.