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Register new user

Required scope: user-soa-link

There must be a 1:1 mapping between a Spotify user and a partner user ID (PUID). A Spotify account can only be linked to a single PUID, and vice versa. If the Spotify user has already been linked to the PUID, the entitlements in the request will replace all existing entitlements.

Authorization scopes



This endpoint requires the payload to be provided as a JWT.

The payload has the following fields:

partner_idstringyesPartner ID
partner_user_idstringyesPartner User ID


A successful response will have HTTP status code 200 and the body will contain a json payload providing the url that the user must be directed to in order to complete the linking process.

  • completion_url

    The page that the user must be redirected to complete the account linking flow

Response sample

{  "completion_url": ""}