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Ads APIReferences / assets / Get Assets By Ad Account

Get Assets By Ad Account

Returns list of asset metadata in descending order via the creation time within each asset type for a given ad account ID.


  • ad_account_id
    string [uuid]

    A unique identifier for an Ad Account.

    Example value: "ce4ff15e-f04d-48b9-9ddf-fb3c85fbd57a"
  • asset_type

    The type of asset.

    Example value: "IMAGE"Allowed values: "AUDIO", "IMAGE", "VIDEO"
  • limit

    Limit or page size for a given response.

    Example value: 50Default value: 50Range: 1 - 50
  • offset

    Starting position of the next record to assist in data pagination.

    Example value: 0Default value: 0


List of asset metadata objects.

    • page_size
      integer [int32]
    • total_results
      integer [int32]
    • offset
      integer [int32]
    • current_page
      integer [int32]
  • assets
    array of oneOfs
    Will be one of the following:
    • Metadata object for an image asset type.

    • Metadata object for an audio asset type.

    • Metadata object for a video asset type.

Response sample

{  "paging": {    "page_size": 50,    "total_results": 116,    "offset": 0  },  "assets": [    {      "id": "ce4ff15e-f04d-48b9-9ddf-fb3c85fbd57a",      "name": "logoImage.png",      "status": "READY",      "url": "",      "created_at": "2026-01-23T04:56:07Z",      "updated_at": "2026-01-23T04:56:07Z",      "image_type": "COMPANION",      "file_type": "JPEG"    },    {      "id": "ce4ff15e-f04d-48b9-9ddf-fb3c85fbd57a",      "name": "logoImage.png",      "status": "READY",      "url": "",      "created_at": "2026-01-23T04:56:07Z",      "updated_at": "2026-01-23T04:56:07Z",      "image_type": "COMPANION",      "file_type": "JPEG"    }  ]}