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Ads APIReferences / ad-categories / Get Ad Categories

Get Ad Categories

Returns ad category information based on given query parameter. If no query parameter is provided, all categories will be returned.


  • q

    Query to search by keyword via case-insensitive wildcard matching.

    Example value: "queen"


A list of ad categories.

    • id

      The ID of a given ad category. IDs with a 0 value are parent categories.

      Example value: "ADV_1_8"
    • parent_category

      The name of the parent category.

      Example value: "Automotive"
    • name

      A string concatenation of category and sub category names with a " - " delimiter. The name here will be only the category name for parent categories.

      Example value: "Automotive - Auto Towing and Repair"

Response sample

{  "categories": [    {      "id": "ADV_1_8",      "parent_category": "Automotive",      "name": "Automotive - Auto Towing and Repair"    },    {      "id": "ADV_1_8",      "parent_category": "Automotive",      "name": "Automotive - Auto Towing and Repair"    }  ]}