What if there were an interface designed specifically for discovering new music?

As music lovers, Aliza Aufrichtig and Edward Lee are always looking for new music from as many sources as possible: Spotify recommendations and playlists, friends, family, music blogs, and holy cow, what is that amazing song playing right now over the bodega speakers? They realized: maybe they could build a tool to expedite and expand the pursuit of our next favorite song or artist obsession.

You can often tell if we’re intrigued by a song within a second or two of listening. The core of Discover Quickly is built around that idea. Start anywhere, depending on your mood: music you already love, today’s top hits, or something random. Then hover over images to sample tracks immediately. If you maybe like what you hear, then click to follow your ears down the rabbit hole of your musical taste. Save, follow, or playlist anything you like. If you’re a Spotify subscriber, you can listen to full tracks from this page, but it’s mainly a curation tool. It’s your supercharged record shop for browsing: collect stuff you might like, and then listen deeply later.

  • Submitted by: Aliza Aufrichtig & Edward Lee
  • Tools used: Spotify Web API
  • Website Link