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New Android SDK version: A Community update

Posted July 6, 2023

Alvaro Navarro


We are updating the App Remote library and releasing a new Android SDK version to ensure your app stays compatible with the recent changes in Android 14 regarding foreground services. This way, we're prepared in case we need to stop supporting foreground service if the requirement becomes more strictly enforced.

No need to change your code. Simply update your app with the latest Spotify Android SDK (version 0.8.0 or higher) and make sure you have the most recent official Spotify app installed (version 8.8.36 or newer).

We've created a form for you to report any problems you come across during the update.


Android 14 imposes new restrictions to foreground services. According to the official Android documentation, if your app targets Android 14, it must specify at least one foreground service type for each foreground service within your app. You should choose a foreground service type that represents your app's use case. The system expects foreground services that have a particular type to satisfy a particular use case.

Unfortunately, there isn't a specific type that fits our app-to-app communication needs. However, after discussing with Google, we've received temporary approval to use a specific type as a fallback. Please note that long-term compatibility cannot be guaranteed.

What's new?

In earlier versions of the SDK, a foreground service was used to establish the connection with the Spotify app. In the Android SDK version 0.8.0, Spotify has updated the binding logic, removing the requirement for foreground initiation. The communication now relies solely on a bound service, which requires either your app or Spotify to be in the foreground (or in the background while playing audio). To ensure a seamless experience, a fallback mechanism has been implemented, regardless of the version of Spotify being used.

How to upgrade?

No code changes are required. This should be a drop-in replacement.

Areas to test after updating to the new SDK version

Although we've tested the changes introduced to the SDK extensively, it's still a good idea to test your apps in different scenarios that involve communication with the Spotify application. Remember, each app is different, and there might be specific cases that haven't been covered. So, give it a try and make sure everything works smoothly, no matter the state of the Spotify application.

Here are a few suggestions of things you should test.

  • Spotify states:
  • Spotify is not running
  • Spotify is in the background not playing
  • Spotify is in the background and playing on different device

The expectation is that your app should work as usual regardless of the Spotify application state.

Keep in mind that due to the recent changes, your app might misbehave if the connection to the Spotify app is established while your app is not in the foreground.

How can I report an issue?

We've created a form for you to report any problems you come across during the update.