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Introducing the new Spotify for Developers

Posted March 27, 2023

Josh Brown

If you are reading this blog post then: welcome! You have reached the new home for Spotify for Developers. Today, we launched some upgrades to the website that we are really excited about. Read on to learn more about what’s changed.

A new design

The look and feel of Spotify for Developers has received a major update. The biggest change that you might notice is that the design of this website now matches other Spotify properties — like the Web Player and Spotify for Artists — more closely. That's happened because we have implemented Spotify's design system and component library for the web, Encore. In addition to looking great, Encore brings with it a set of improvements that make Spotify for Developers more accessible and mobile-friendly.

Upgrades to the developer dashboard

Along with the design changes that we made, regular users of our developer dashboard may notice that we've snuck in a few new features:

  • You can sort your apps by creation date, or alphabetically.
  • Logging in and logging out of the dashboard has gotten a little bit easier.
  • The dashboard now has a condensed mode for devices and screens where you'd like to keep things simple.

New documentation and community features

The developer documentation for Web API is the beating heart of this website — and so we've shown it some love too.

  • The Web API reference and developer console have been combined. You can now try out API requests and learn about their behavior from the same page.
  • Inspired by the Diátaxis framework, we have begun dividing our documentation into concepts, tutorials, how-tos, and references. Under Web API how-tos, you'll find a new guide that you can follow to learn about building an app that fetches Spotify profile information using JavaScript or TypeScript.
  • In the Web API reference you can now click on field-level documentation and see the associated field highlighted in the response sample. The opposite works too. See the Get Artist API documentation to try this out.
  • Our community page has been upgraded. In addition to blog posts like this one, the community page now includes podcast episodes and other forms of content from the Spotify for Developers team.
  • You can now subscribe to Spotify for Developers updates using our new RSS feed.

Let us know what you think

We plan to continue working on the Spotify for Developers website to make it into an even better starting point for your next Spotify development project. If you have any suggestions or feedback on these latest changes then be sure to let us know. Drop by the Spotify Community and leave a comment in the ongoing thread about these changes to Spotify for Developers.