Add Spotify Follow buttons to your pages so your web visitors can follow you, your favorite artists, or any Spotify profile. It’s great for artists who want to build a fan base, businesses who want to raise their Spotify profiles, and music lovers who just want to share their tastes!

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Putting Follow buttons on your website can significantly increase the number of people who follow your (or your artists’) Spotify profile. Our profile pages are a great place to showcase popular tracks, albums and playlists. Here is a typical Spotify profile, for the artist Avicii:

Spotify Follow buttons are free to use (although we do have a few Terms of Use we’d like you to comply with.) Simply generate the code below and paste it into the appropriate place in the body of your HTML page.

Get the code

First, click on the “More” icon on any artist or user profile page in Spotify and select “Copy HTTP Link” or “Copy Spotify URI”.

Paste the link into the box below and set your widget options:

Spotify HTTP Link (or Spotify URI)


Embed code

Copy the code below and paste it on your website:

When the user clicks

When visitors to your website who are logged in to Spotify click a Follow button, the artist or user is added to the profiles they are following.

  • If your visitor does not have a Spotify account, they will be asked if they wish to create one (either directly or through Facebook).
  • If they do have a Spotify account, but they are not logged in, they will be prompted to do so (either directly or through Facebook).

Terms of Use

We need to protect users, content providers, the Spotify trademarks, our software and the Spotify service while at the same time enabling you to widely use the Spotify Widgets. We therefore require you to comply with our Spotify Widget Terms of Use.

Want to do this programatically?

You can use the Spotify Web API for performing Follow actions. Check out the Follow Endpoints.

Want more widgets?

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