Intensive wins are modifications that take a bit more time to implement in your application than accessibility quick wins and medium-term wins. These are key, and we strongly recommend that you prioritize incorporating them into your application.

Master Assistive Technologies

Pick an assistive technology and get good at it, for example, talkback technology like voice-over or NVDA which is Open Source software (OSS) with lots of free examples.

Master States in Accessibility

As mentioned in the Semantics section, states are a semantic property assigned to elements that specify how content in an element is configured i.e. may be checked, enabled, expanded, hidden, current etc.

States and properties are categorized in four: (i) drag and drop attributes, (ii) live-region attributes, (iii) widget attributes and (iv) relationship attributes.

A11y Actions:

  1. When defining elements, although optional, it is best practice to announce state for the sake of assistive technology users.


  1. WCAG on states and properties