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Ads APIReferences / Ads / Get Ads

Get Ads

Returns a list of all available ads


  • organization_ids
    array of strings
  • ad_account_ids
    array of strings
  • ad_ids
    array of strings
  • limit
    integer [int32]
    Example value: 2
  • offset
    integer [int32]
    Example value: 0


    • advertiser_id
      string [uuid]

      The unique ID returned when a new advertiser is created

    • landing_page_domain
      string [uri]

      URL the campaign will direct to

    • clickthrough_url
      string [uri]

      The link to the ads desired landing page activated by a button labelled CTA below and also the cover art image.

    • created
      string [date-time]

      Date the ad was created Time is in ISO-8601 format

    • id
      string [uuid]

      ID for the actual ad ad that will be displayed to the user. It is a container for assets and metadata for the ad. It contains asset IDs which are generated via the asset endpoint.

    • name

      Name given to identify your ad.

    • status
      string [ad-status]
    • reject_reason
      Example value: "Rejected reason"
    • version
      integer [int64]

      When a campaign is created or updated, it is assigned a new version.

Response sample

{  "ads": [    {      "advertiser_id": "za66a2eb-35cf-46a4-8d2e-0j95dfc133r4",      "assets": {        "audio_asset_id": "2f5488b7-0a48-4751-b3b8-701df2d8cd90",        "asset_id": "2f5488b7-0a48-4751-b3b8-701df2d8cd90",        "audio_asset_url": "",        "asset_url": "",        "companion_asset_id": "2g5488b7-0a48-4751-b3b8-701df2d8cd91",        "companion_asset_url": ""      },      "landing_page_domain": "",      "clickthrough_url": "",      "created": "2022-02-07T21:00:00Z",      "id": "pa66a2eb-35cf-46a4-8d2e-0j95dfc133r7",      "name": "Spotify Discover Weekly feature ad",      "status": "ACTIVE",      "reject_reason": "Rejected reason",      "third_party_viewability_tracking": {        "measurement_partner": "IAS",        "url": ""      },      "version": 1    },    {      "advertiser_id": "za66a2eb-35cf-46a4-8d2e-0j95dfc133r4",      "assets": {        "audio_asset_id": "2f5488b7-0a48-4751-b3b8-701df2d8cd90",        "asset_id": "2f5488b7-0a48-4751-b3b8-701df2d8cd90",        "audio_asset_url": "",        "asset_url": "",        "companion_asset_id": "2g5488b7-0a48-4751-b3b8-701df2d8cd91",        "companion_asset_url": ""      },      "landing_page_domain": "",      "clickthrough_url": "",      "created": "2022-02-07T21:00:00Z",      "id": "pa66a2eb-35cf-46a4-8d2e-0j95dfc133r7",      "name": "Spotify Discover Weekly feature ad",      "status": "ACTIVE",      "reject_reason": "Rejected reason",      "third_party_viewability_tracking": {        "measurement_partner": "IAS",        "url": ""      },      "version": 1    }  ]}