Some answers to questions frequently asked by our community.

Important! Our responses here are informal and provided for general guidance only. Please carefully read our Developer Terms of Use for the legally binding conditions on the use of our tools and technologies.

The attached flowchart (in PDF format) answers some of the common questions we receive from the developer community about how our APIs, SDKs, widgets and other tools may be used within applications and on websites. Click the image to download.


Can I make money from an app that uses the Spotify Web API?

If your app makes use of the Spotify Web API, you may in certain cases offer your application for sale or include paid advertising and promotions within it. We call this “commercial use” in our Developer Terms of Use (Section IV.2). Our Terms of Use clearly state that, without our written approval, you may not offer for sale any product which allows playback of full length audio tracks. You may, however, commercialize an app that includes other types of Spotify content such as 30-second previews. Please note that you may not directly offer Spotify content or services (or access to them) for separate sale or as a standalone product.

Can I use metadata, cover art, 30-second previews in my commercial apps?

An application that that uses 30-second preview clips, but does not stream full-length sound recordings is classified as a “Non-Streaming SDA”. Please review our Developer Terms of Use thoroughly to understand what you can and cannot do in such an SDA.

Refer to section IV.3.g for specific restrictions on the use of Audio Preview Clips. Note particularly that you may not synchronize any sound recordings accessed via the Spotify Platform with any visual media, including any advertising, film, television program, slideshow, video, or similar content.

If you’re using 30-second previews, please ensure that you provide a link to the full track on Spotify. We provide design resources to help you with this.

Can I get Spotify’s written approval for commercial uses currently prohibited by the Developer Terms of Use?

If you wish to get written approval for commercial uses currently prohibited in the Developer Terms of Use, please use our application form for written approval. Please understand that we receive more requests than we can possibly answer directly, so please provide as much information about your proposal and its value for both parties when submitting your inquiry.

Can I use the Spotify content in a game/quiz?

No. You are not allowed to use Spotify content in games or quizzes. See Section IV.3.e “Games and Trivia Quizzes” in our Developer Terms of Use.

Can I use the Spotify Web API in an Android or iOS app?

Yes, you are allowed to do this. Please ensure that you comply with our Developer Terms of Use when creating your application.

Can I make audio loops and samples from songs?

No. Under our Developer Terms of Use, modification of an audio stream to, for example, create audio loops is not permitted. For more details, see Section 5 (Restrictions), sub section 3 (Spotify Content Restrictions) paragraph a: Editing, Modifying, and Altering.

Can you approve my app?

No. We do not provide a formal review and approval service. As always, our advice is for you to carefully read our Developer Terms of Use and Widget Terms of Use and make sure that your application complies fully with them. We can never just say “Yes, it is OK” because we can never really know what your app will do now or in the future nor how you will promote it.