Download buttons and badges to use in your apps. These design resources will help you conform to our terms of use.

Note that by using these resources, you accept our Developer Terms of Use. Usage of these resources may also be covered by the Spotify End User Agreement and our Privacy Policy.

We’re thrilled that you’re using the Spotify Platform and integrating Spotify into your app! To help you along the way, we provide these design resources to help you comply with our terms of use when presenting Spotify resources.



Naming Your Application

If you are registering your application with us (on the My Applications page) you will need to enter the name of your app. This name will be used in communications to your app’s users when you seek authorization to access their data. We have a few pointers to consider when naming your app:

  • It shouldn’t imply endorsement by Spotify, but suggesting to users that it is “for Spotify” is acceptable.

  • It cannot begin with “Spot” or be similar to “Spotify” in sound or spelling.

Your Application’s Logo

Your logo should not include, or look similar to, the Spotify logo.

Using 30 Second Preview Clips

If you’re using the 30 second preview clips you will need to ensure that you link back to the full track on Spotify. We’ve provided buttons of various sizes in our resource downloads above for you to use.

design-resources-play-on-spotify    play_on_spotify-green

For example, the app Tango does this well. In this particular example the button links to the full track on Spotify:


Another example can be found in our tutorial Creating an Artist’s Page.

Spotify Log In Best Practice

We’ve also created buttons that you should use when asking users to log in with their Spotify username and password.


Spotify Create / Add to Playlist Best Practice

With our new playlist endpoint users can create new playlists or add tracks to existing playlists from your experience. We’ve created buttons in Spotify style that you can use to indicate these actions. Again, you can find these buttons in our design resource downloads above.


More Design Resources

Logos, typefaces, colors, brand guidelines

In addition to these design resources we provide Spotify logos, information about typefaces and colors, identity guidelines for partners, and contact addresses for brand approvals at our Partner Design Resource Hub.