Spotify’s Web API engineers do their best to keep the Web API online. Occasionally though, the API does experience downtime and degraded service. We know that outages have an impact on apps that rely on the Web API, and so today, we are launching the Web API status page: a new website with up-to-date information about ongoing API incidents.

On the new status page you can find information about issues that affect the Web API as a whole and information about outages that are impacting a specific endpoint. If your app is receiving a 500 status code response from the Web API, or if it has problems with connecting to, then we encourage you to have a look at the status page first. We will publish notices there about known outages so that you can communicate with the users of your app and take steps to mitigate the impact of an outage.

If you come across an issue with the Web API that hasn’t been mentioned on the status page then please let us know. You can report issues with the Web API and share feedback with us through the Spotify developer community forum.