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The Ads API is now on Spotify for Developers

Posted April 7, 2022

Serah Njambi Kiburu

The Spotify Ads API allows advertisers to build, manage, and report on campaigns created via API or through the Ad Studio interface. The Ads API provides direct access to the sets of related objects, organized in a hierarchy, that comprise your Ad Studio account (see on the chart below):

"Ad Studio Platform Structure"

Capabilities available via Spotify Ads API:

  • Reporting: allows advertisers to access real-time performance data for campaigns created via Ad Studio UI or via third party platforms integrated with Spotify Campaign Management API based on custom queries.
  • Campaign Management: create and manage campaigns, ad sets, and ads at scale. It also includes endpoints to estimate audience size and CPM based on your targeting specifications (set at the ad set level)..
  • Audiences: allows advertisers to create custom audiences from their first-party data.

Note: Currently, Campaign Management and Audiences capabilities are in closed testing and require an allowlisting process to gain access. If you are interested in using these endpoints, please fill in the pre-integration questionnaire here and the Spotify Ads API team will review your request within 3-5 business days. Reporting capabilities are in open beta and do not require any allowlisting.

New to the Ads API? See the Quickstart section. It provides instructions about how to set up an account to work with our API.

Already using the Ads API? Great! Check the Release Notes section for information on the latest changes, or browse the available methods in the Reference Docs section.