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The public repo of the old Spotify mobile streaming SDKs will shut down Nov 1st 2019

Posted September 9, 2019


Last year, we announced that Spotify will move away from supporting our old streaming SDK in favor of a solution that enables both Spotify Free and Premium users to utilize playback controls in a third party context. We launched our new mobile SDKs in September 2018, and also took our iOS SDK out of beta.

Until now, the old streaming SDKs have still been accessible although not actively maintained. From our previous announcement:

The documentation and download for the streaming SDKs from 2014 are available on GitHub, here for iOS and here for Android. Note that these streaming SDKs are not actively maintained and no additional work on these are planned. We therefore urge you to work with the new SDKs going forward.

We will be closing these old repos and strongly encourage you to migrate over to the iOS or Android SDK if you have yet to do so. The repos for the old streaming SDKs will close November 1st 2019.