Integrating with Alexa Mobile Accessories (AMA)


Amazon Deeplinking allows Bluetooth-capable devices without WiFi capability to control playback in the Spotify app.

Your device can control playback on the Spotify app using the Alexa app as a remote once you’ve enabled Alexa and deeplinking to Spotify on your device through a Bluetooth connection.

Who is this great for?

As a device manufacturer, once you’ve enabled Alexa on your Bluetooth-enabled device without WiFi capability, you can unlock the Spotify voice experience.


If you are developing a commercial integration (i.e. you will be monetizing your app or product, and/or you are incorporated) then please note that using Spotify’s tools will come with legal, licensing and technical limitations, and final approvals for commercial usage will always be left up to the discretion of Spotify and its partners.

Let’s get started

You now need to submit a Hardware Partner Application and give us at least a week to review your application.

You will need to apply as a company, not an individual.