Use Cases

Use Cases presents some common scenarios that Spotify has identified as good opportunities to integrate our music experience with to provide user value. These documents try to provide all the necessary information to get you started.

Mobile Apps Use Cases

Hardware Use Cases

If you want to become a Spotify Hardware Partner, select the use case that best fits your integration request.

Home Audio

The Spotify Connect feature allows the Spotify app to act as a remote control for home audio devices. The Spotify Embedded SDK makes it easy to add Spotify Connect functionality to a home audio device.

Voice Integrations

Spotify now offers an immersive voice controlled experience on all major platforms. Go here if you want to unlock the Spotify voice experience on your device.

New & Emerging

We love it when you innovate and are excited to see what you build. Please get in touch and tell us what you’re up to.


We are focused on devices that can create unique and personalized music experiences for smartwatches, health and fitness wristbands, and headphones.