Build your own personal music streaming applications using the LibSpotify SDK or CocoaLibSpotify.

Important! LibSpotify and CocoaLibSpotify are no longer under active development on any platform and are considered deprecated. If you are building applications for iOS or Android, please use the iOS SDK or Android SDK. We hope to be able to provide you with a new library for other platforms during 2016.

Until then, you can still provision new keys for your project. However, please be aware that we cannot offer active support or guarantee future functionality on LibSpotify or CocoaLibSpotify.

The Libspotify SDK and CocoaLibSpotify are provided for non-commercial use only and that by using Spotify developer tools, you accept our Developer Terms of Use.

The LibSpotify SDK and CocoaLibSpotify provide C language APIs that enable you to add Spotify music services to your own applications.

The LibSpotify SDK is available for Windows, Mac OS X (x86 / x86_64), iOS, and Linux (x86 / x86_64 / ARM). We also have an Objective C wrapper (CocoaLibSpotify) for iOS.

How Do I Start?

To use the LibSpotify SDK you will need to get an application key.

When you have your key, add the LibSpotify API header file (api.h) to your application. Here are some links to help you get started:

LibSpotify and CocoaLibspotify Downloads

Please note that we have removed the LibSpotify binaries from our website in an effort to phase out the usage of this deprecated library. LibSpotify has been considered deprecated since 2015 and will be shut down in 2017, so we want to ensure that all developers’ efforts and attention are focused on newer and better APIs that we actively support and maintain. These APIs include the Web API, iOS and Android SDKs, and upcoming embedded libraries for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. More information regarding upcoming libraries will be provided in the coming months.

Terms of Use

The LibSpotify SDK and CocoaLibSpotify are not intended for use in commercial applications or in conjunction with commercial hardware products. By using Spotify developer tools, you accept our Developer Terms of Use.

If you wish to integrate Spotify functionality into a hardware device or software associated with a hardware device, please contact the partner hardware team here before proceeding further.

Third-Party Licenses

Several fantastic pieces of free and open-source software have really helped get Spotify to where it is today. A few require that we include their license agreements within our product. Consider it done. As we enjoy giving credit where it’s due, we included the entire list below. This means you can not only see which software we’ve been using, but the terms of the licenses too. A big thanks from all of us at Spotify to the smart people behind the fantastic programs listed.