This page is provided for partners who are submitting updates to their existing Spotify Apps.

Important Notice for Spotify Apps Partners
We no longer accept new apps for distribution within our Spotify Desktop Player. (You can, of course, still develop Spotify Apps for private use.) Existing Spotify Apps partners may continue to maintain their apps and provide critical updates. For more information, please see our news announcement Closure of Spotify Apps Submissions.

You can find all the technical references you need to get started on our resources page for the API.

When you have a final version of the app that you want to submit, please test it against the Spotify App design guidelines and the App Approval Checklist to ensure that your app meets our requirements. When this is done, please submit it and we will test it to make sure it works properly. Remember that you should only submit an app that is fully production ready and has relevant non-dummy content.

Submitting your app is currently done by e-mail, in the following format:

  • Make sure your manifest is correctly defined.
  • Compress the app content with root folder included to zip format.
  • Compose an email with the name and version number according to semantic versioning format (MAJOR.MINOR.BUGFIX) of the app in the subject.
  • Compose an email with the name and version number of the app in the subject.
  • Include a changelog.
  • State which markets the app should be enabled in. Use the two letter standard ISO 3166. If the app should be available in all markets, please write “Global”.
  • Attach the .zip file in the e-mail.
 Subject: TestApp 1.1.3
 Markets: SE, NO, UK, US
 - Change 1
 - Change 2
 - Change n

Please note that each new submission should be sent as a new email and not as a reply to the previous submission.

Changes to the App Bundle will require a new App Submission and go through the approval phase for Development again (see above).