Create your own Spotify App and run it in the Spotify Desktop Player using our Apps API and Views API.

The Spotify Desktop player features dozens of apps from our development partners. You can find them on the player’s App Finder tab.

But did you know you can develop your own apps too, using exactly the same APIs? You can develop a Spotify App using both Free and Premium accounts.

How Do I Start?

To be able to create a Spotify Desktop App, you will first need to register with us as a developer. Simply log in with your Spotify username and password and request an account.

Once you have registered, you can start building an app that you will be able to run locally in your Desktop Player.

Here are some links to help you get started:

Tools and APIs

Accessing the tools and APIs that you need to develop your app is as easy as downloading the Spotify Desktop Client. Once you have registered as a developer, you will see a new Develop tab in the player, which will give you the ability to manage your app.

Example Application

Having trouble with getting started with your Spotify Apps project? Have a look at our example application on GitHub.

Design Resources

We provide a set of design resources (.zip) to help you make your Spotify App look great.

App Submissions to Spotify

We no longer accept app submissions for our Desktop client (see our announcement for more details).

Existing app partners may continue to maintain and submit critical updates to their current apps following our Integration Guidelines, Design Guidelines, and standard Approval Process.


Technical support and assistance for Spotify Apps is provided via Stack Overflow. Remember to tag you question with the “spotify” tag.

Terms of Use

We need to protect users, content providers, our software and service while at the same time enabling you to create applications. We therefore require you to comply with some Terms of Use.