Spotify’s team of developer advocates is here to help you make the most Spotify’s API and SDKs.

Get Help or Report Issues

Having an issue with an API endpoint or SDK? Found a bug? The best thing to do is to raise an issue on the relevant GitHub project and we’ll investigate.

Github Repos:


We hang out on @SpotifyPlatform. Follow us for updates and cool Spotify API examples! Feel free to tweet at us with your questions, but the best way to reach us is via Github, above.

Commercial Integration Application

Before you build and release any product or experience integrated with Spotify, you need to apply and receive our written approval for a commercial integration, as explained in our Developer Terms of Service.

Please be advised that due to the high volume of requests we receive, we cannot provide an estimate on when we will respond.

Hardware Partner Application

To build a Spotify Connect experience, you must submit a Hardware Partner Application.

Please note: Spotify does not allow replication of the Spotify app or creation of taste profiles. If you plan on creating either of these, please stop here as we cannot support this commercially.

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App Integration Application

To build and distribute an application that using commercial integration, you must submit an Application Integration Request.

While we review, create a non-commercial application

While we review your commercial application, you can still create non-commercial applications. Create a new client ID here.

Design & Branding Guidelines

When you’re incorporating Spotify with your app, you’ll need to know about how to use the brand assets properly. Learn more about the guidelines here.