If you have questions about the widgets, APIs, SDKs and other tools and resources that we make available to developers, here are the best methods for getting in touch with us.

Please note: This page tells you how to get support for Spotify developer tools only. If you have a question about a Spotify player (web, desktop, or mobile) or about the Spotify streaming service or about your Spotify subscription, please visit the main Spotify Help page where you will find information to assist you.

General Questions

Many of the pages at this website have a comment thread at the bottom of the page. If you post your question or suggestion there we will try our best to answer as soon as we can. This is a particularly good place to post:

  • Questions on documentation, tutorials and resources
  • Questions around our terms of use

Bug Reports & Feature Requests

File a bug report, view known issues, and request new features for our Web API or our mobile SDKs in their respective GitHub repositories.

Programming Advice

Stack Overflow is a collaborative question and answer website for developers. Here you can ask Spotify API related questions by using the Spotify tag.

Follow the link below to ask your Spotify API question. Don’t forget to add the Spotify tag, and any other relevant tags as well, before posting.

Any questions or answers that use the Spotify tag can easily be filtered by typing [Spotify] in the search box, or use the following link:

Latest News & Announcements

Change Log

Our change logs track the latest updates to our Web API and our mobile SDKs: