API Announcements

Token requests will soon return granted scopes

On Wednesday 29th June we will release an update for all client IDs to enable your application to read which scopes have been granted by the user when requesting or refreshing access tokens. After the change, any calls made to

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API Improvements and Update

We’re always working to make improvements to our Web APIs and today, we have some updates to share that will impact both The Spotify and The Echo Nest Web APIs. Over the past two years, following Spotify’s acquisition of The

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New Endpoints: Audio Features, Recommendations and User Taste

Over the two years since Spotify acquired The Echo Nest, we have folded much of the power of The Echo Nest into Spotify’s stack. With today’s announcement of the wind down of The Echo Nest API, we’re happy to launch

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New Category Endpoints & Track Relinking

In the past month we’ve been making further improvements to our Web API and our mobile SDKs. We have a new guide covering authorization options for the Android SDK, three new Web API endpoints, a modification that allows tracks to

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New Follow API and Playlist Search

Add Follow Features to Your Apps The Spotify Follow Button is a popular widget with website owners and bloggers. Now we’ve exposed the APIs that power that widget so that you can add follow features to your own apps. There

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New Web API Features

Help Your Users Discover New Music The Browse feature within Spotify helps users discover new music by showing them new album releases and curated playlists. Now we’ve added two endpoints to our Web API to make it easy for your

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Interactive Console lets you easily explore the Web API endpoints

We’ve made it even easier to try out requests to our Web API by adding an interactive console to our developer website. Now you can quickly test endpoint calls and see results without needing to implement calls in code. Using

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iOS SDK Beta 5 (Release Candidate)

We’re happy to announce the release of iOS SDK Beta 5 (Release Candidate) with a number of new features and bug fixes. You can read more about the iOS SDK on the Spotify Developer Site and download it from the spotify/ios-sdk

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New endpoints give apps more power to manage user playlists

Endpoints for removing and replacing tracks now make it even easier to work with users’ playlists.

Web API: “Your Music” tracks endpoints released

Add, remove and read tracks in your “Your Music” library via the Spotify Web API. Today we have released a new set of endpoints which enables your app to read and update the tracks in the authenticated user’s personal “Your

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