Spotify inside your iOS app

Posted August 31st, 2011 by thelinmichael

Today we are announcing a great addition to the Spotify Platform. The Spotify Embedded Player libspotify 9 is now available for iOS.

We hope this will enable a new category of iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch applications with Spotify inside and allow for more immersive music experiences within iOS apps.

The documentation should help you understand what features are available and get your creativity going. Download libspotify 9 here. Samples to get you started are included. You may want to use the Objective-C wrapper available here. We also have a new FAQ that answers common questions and helps you avoid common mistakes.

Changes since the last release:

  • New: binaries for iOS devices
  • Change: login API – passwords must not be stored
  • New: sp_offline_time_left() – exposes time left before offline tracks will expire
  • Fixed: Logged in state now tells you when the user is in offline mode (logged in, but offline)

Please make sure to review the Terms of Use. If you want to use libspotify commercially please contact our Partner team.

We’ll also be hosting a tech meetup in New York on September 7th where we’ll be talking about this release and all things Spotify Platform and APIs so come and join us if you can