Latest News for Spotify Developers

New Category Endpoints & Track Relinking

In the past month we’ve been making further improvements to our Web API and our mobile SDKs. We have a new guide covering authorization options for the Android SDK, three new Web API endpoints, a modification that allows tracks to be linked to alternatives according to the users market, and several other updates. Let’s take a look… (more…)

New Follow API and Playlist Search

Add Follow Features to Your Apps

The Spotify Follow Button is a popular widget with website owners and bloggers. Now we’ve exposed the APIs that power that widget so that you can add follow features to your own apps. There are three endpoints for managing the artists and other users that a user follows:

Like all of our Web API endpoints, the new endpoints are fully documented in our Endpoint Reference documentation.

Search for Popular Playlists

We’ve also recently added popular public playlists as targets for our search endpoint. The new playlist search returns results where the query keywords match any part of the playlist’s name (or description if it has one). Try it out this new search in our API Console.

See How It’s Done: Playlist Miner

The new playlist search is surprisingly effective and opens up new landscapes for app development. Paul Lamere of our Echo Nest division has used playlist search to create an innovative app that can build a custom playlist based on the tastes of hundreds of other Spotify users.

Paul’s Playlist Miner finds popular playlists that match a supplied keyword, analyzes up to 1000 of those playlists, and creates an entirely new playlist of the top 100 found songs. It is simple to save the new playlist to your Spotify account. Try it out with keywords like “workout” or “easy listening”.

The source code for Playlist Miner is available on GitHub.

Happy developing!

The Spotify Platform Team

New Showcase for Developers

Our new showcase shows some of the latest applications built with our tools.

The last few months we’ve been busy making great APIs and SDKs for developers. Now we want to give developers a chance to show their own creations at our website. The new Spotify Developer Showcase provides a high-profile location for app developers to show their wares.

It’s also a great place to check out the types of applications that are already being built on the Spotify Web API, the Spotify iOS SDK, and our other tools. Several of the featured applications are open source, meaning if you like the idea, you can download the code straight away and start improving on it.

The showcase also displays some of the applications created by our commercial partners, as well as a selection of our more popular demo applications.

We’ll be updating the showcase regularly to ensure it displays the very best in music apps from around the globe. Use our submission form if you would like to submit your own app for consideration for inclusion in the Showcase.

New Web API Features

Help Your Users Discover New Music

The Browse feature within Spotify helps users discover new music by showing them new album releases and curated playlists. Now we’ve added two endpoints to our Web API to make it easy for your applications to retrieve these recommended items.

The endpoints are Get a List of Featured Playlists and Get a List of New Releases. Both endpoints accept an optional country parameter to allow you to filter the returned items to those that are relevant to a particular country.

We have prepared a demo so you can see it in action, and we have also added it to Thirtify, our sample web player that uses the Web API.

Demo of the New Releases endpoint (more…)

Spotify Android SDK Beta 4 Released

We’ve published a new beta release of our Android SDK to GitHub.

In this new release you now get player state with every player event, and the player state contains information about the currently playing track and its duration.Instead of keeping a copy of the player state from native player inside Player object, getPlayerState() is now asynchronous and requires a callback. (more…)