Latest News for Spotify Developers

Spotify Web API now integrates with IFTTT

July 27th, 2015 by Andy Smith

We’re pleased to announce that Spotify now has a channel on IFTTT, the platform that allows users to control and connect a wide variety of connected products and apps.

The Spotify Channel enables you to easily link Spotify’s API functionality to a wide range of platforms and products like Twitter and Facebook, as well as smart products like the Philips Hue light bulb, with connections known as “recipes”.

With this integration, users can create recipes such as:

  • Automatically send a tweet when you save a Spotify track to your favorite playlist
  • Automatically follow songs on Genius that you’ve added to your library
  • Save your favorited songs from Last.FM to your library

The Spotify Channel on IFTTT supports the following triggers and actions:

  • New Saved Track (Trigger) – This fires whenever you save a track to Your Music on Spotify
  • New Track Added to a Playlist (Trigger) – This fires every time a new track is added to a playlist that you specify
  • Save a Track (Action) – This will search for a track that you specify and save it automatically to Your Music on Spotify
  • Add Track to a Playlist (Action) – This will search for a track and add automatically add it to a playlist that you specify

To get started on creating your own recipe, visit the Spotify Channel on IFTTT here:

Last Month at Spotify Platform – Collaborative Playlists, iOS SDK Beta 8 & more

May 26th, 2015 by José M. Pérez

Time for some news on what we have been working on recently!

Collaborative Playlists Now Supported in Our Web API

Many of you have requested that collaborative playlists should be supported in the Spotify Web API. Our developers have worked hard on making this happen and we recently released a new scope; playlist-read-collaborative. With this, you can:

Read your collaborative playlists

  • Add tracks to collaborative playlists that you own
  • Reorder and remove tracks in collaborative playlists that you own
  • Change the details of collaborative playlists that you own

You can try this out yourself, using our Web API Console. Find out more on Using Scopes and Collaborative Playlists.

New Category Endpoints & Track Relinking

February 27th, 2015 by Chris Hughes

In the past month we’ve been making further improvements to our Web API and our mobile SDKs. We have a new guide covering authorization options for the Android SDK, three new Web API endpoints, a modification that allows tracks to be linked to alternatives according to the users market, and several other updates. Let’s take a look… (more…)

PennApps’ Massive Student Hackathon Yields Impressive Results

February 4th, 2015 by Jonathan Marmor

Recently we attended a massive hackathon at the University of Pennsylvania from January 16-18, where high-level student technology creators from around the globe made some amazing things using APIs including those of Spotify and subsidiary The Echo Nest. (more…)

New Showcase for Developers

November 26th, 2014 by Chris Hughes

Our new showcase shows some of the latest applications built with our tools.

The last few months we’ve been busy making great APIs and SDKs for developers. Now we want to give developers a chance to show their own creations at our website. The new Spotify Developer Showcase provides a high-profile location for app developers to show their wares.

It’s also a great place to check out the types of applications that are already being built on the Spotify Web API, the Spotify iOS SDK, and our other tools. Several of the featured applications are open source, meaning if you like the idea, you can download the code straight away and start improving on it.

The showcase also displays some of the applications created by our commercial partners, as well as a selection of our more popular demo applications.

We’ll be updating the showcase regularly to ensure it displays the very best in music apps from around the globe. Use our submission form if you would like to submit your own app for consideration for inclusion in the Showcase.

New Web API Features

October 23rd, 2014 by Chris Hughes

Help Your Users Discover New Music

The Browse feature within Spotify helps users discover new music by showing them new album releases and curated playlists. Now we’ve added two endpoints to our Web API to make it easy for your applications to retrieve these recommended items.

The endpoints are Get a List of Featured Playlists and Get a List of New Releases. Both endpoints accept an optional country parameter to allow you to filter the returned items to those that are relevant to a particular country.

We have prepared a demo so you can see it in action, and we have also added it to Thirtify, our sample web player that uses the Web API.

Demo of the New Releases endpoint (more…)

Spotify Android SDK Beta 4 Released

October 7th, 2014 by Kasia Drzyzga

We’ve published a new beta release of our Android SDK to GitHub.

In this new release you now get player state with every player event, and the player state contains information about the currently playing track and its duration.Instead of keeping a copy of the player state from native player inside Player object, getPlayerState() is now asynchronous and requires a callback. (more…)