It is recommended that no play controls other than play/pause are provided in your app.

Why is this our recommendation?

Disabling and enabling play controls in response to restricted actions for Spotify free may result in a confusing experience for the user. For example, the user may not understand why the skip back option has been disabled. Rather than explaining these restrictions to the user or creating a frustrating UX it is recommended that only play/pause controls and the metadata of the now playing track (or advert) are displayed on the now playing screen.

Recommended UI - user is not able to swipe to skip, user is not able to seek via the progress bar, no play controls other than play/pause

Handling Spotify Free restricted actions in your companion app
  • Use the restrictions returned in SpPlaybackRestrictions to correctly set the playback state in companion app and to respond to the user when they try to perform a restricted action.
  • Play controls must either have a disabled state to indicate to the user that they are restricted or they should not be displayed at all.
  • It should be clear that the track progress bar is for information only - there should be no indication that the user can seek.
Handling playback actions for podcasts in your companion app

Disregard this if you haven’t implemented skip forward and skip back functionality.

  • Podcasts need to have the option to seek 15 seconds forward or backwards.

You can parse the track URI in order to differentiate between podcast episodes and regular tracks.

Upgrade information

When the user tries to perform a restricted action you may display this messaging.

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Premium messaging for iOS

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