Please note: Spotify content must always be presented with a link to the Spotify app


To comply with our licensing agreements you must always attribute content from Spotify with either the Spotify logo or icon.

  • The logo is the combination of a wordmark with our icon
  • Our icon is a shorter version of our logo. Only use it if you do not have enough room for the full logo

Logo and icon use must comply with our Logo & Colour Guidelines

You can download the Spotify logo and icon here.
All logo usage must be approved by Spotify.

Example of Spotify attribution in a mobile app


Track, artist and playlist / album titles

Spotify content must always be presented with the metadata provided by Spotify.

  • The metadata must always be legible
  • You may truncate metadata if space is limited but there should always be a way for the user to view the entire metadata, we recommend scrolling the text

Considerations Your layout should be able to accommodate these average character counts:

  • Playlist/album name: 25 characters
  • Artist name: 18 characters
  • Track name: 23 characters


  • Artwork cannot be substituted, you can only use the artwork provided by Spotify
  • Album and playlist artwork must be kept in its original form, do not animate the artwork in any way
  • Artwork should not be distorted in any way – this includes applying overlays and blurring
  • It is acceptable to not include any album artwork if screen real estate is limited
  • Tapping on the artwork should take the user to the Spotify app

For more details see our Branding Guidelines