Since beginning of June updated Spotify Play Button has been gradually rolled out to all users. We have introduced a couple of new features and laid the groundwork for the future of Spotify Play Button.

Whats new?

Background Colour

Spotify Play Button will pick its background colour from the cover art’s dominant colour. You can see two examples with different background colours below:

Spotify Play Button

Spotify Play Button

Full Track Playback

We have introduced full playback directly inside of the Spotify Play Button. It works on most major browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Microsoft Edge. The user must also be logged into in their web browser and your <iframe> HTML must contain the allow="encrypted-media" attribute.

In the cases where full track playback is not supported, we will play 30 second preview clips.

The old Spotify Play Button relied on the Spotify desktop app being installed on the user’s computer to play full tracks. It played audio through Spotify desktop in the background.

The new Spotify Play Button can now play full tracks in the browser directly, without needing the desktop app.


This is first initial version of the Spotify Play Button with embeddable Podcasts and Episodes. It’s a start and we are excited about the work ahead of us to improve the experience. Stay tuned!

Migrating to updated Spotify Play Button

All Spotify Play Buttons will work as they used to, but to have full song playback in web browser Spotify Play Button users will need to add the allow="encrypted-media" attribute to the iframe element. Below is an example of an Spotify Play Button code snippet with the allow="encrypted-media" attribute:

<iframe src="" width="300" height="380" frameborder="0" allowtransparency="true" allow="encrypted-media"></iframe>

Features gone

The old Spotify Play Button used to have Light and Dark themes. This feature will no longer be supported in favour of the new dominant colour background.

Remote control of Spotify’s desktop app has been deprecated in favour of full track playback in the browser.

We’re very excited about our new Spotify Play Button and we’re working hard to improve it in order to deliver the best user experience!