We’re always working to make improvements to our Web APIs and today, we have some updates to share that will impact both The Spotify and The Echo Nest Web APIs.

Over the past two years, following Spotify’s acquisition of The Echo Nest, it’s become clear that rather than have two separate APIs with considerable overlap in features, it makes sense to migrate functionality and focus all of our future development on the Spotify API.

In doing so, there are a couple important dates you should be aware of:

  1. March 29th, 2016 - We are announcing three new APIs (details below) and The Echo Nest API will no longer be issuing new API keys
  2. May 31, 2016 - The Echo Nest platform will no longer serve requests and developers will need to move over to the Spotify API.

As part of our migration of many of The Echo Nest API features over to the Spotify Web API, we’re announcing three new APIs today. The new Spotify Web APIs include:

  1. Audio Features - Access to audio information about tracks (energy, danceability, tempo, loudness, etc. as well as full detailed audio analysis)
  2. Recommendations - A recommendation API (to generate a list of tracks given a starting point from a seed artist, track or genre), with filtering capabilities to restrict the set of tracks that are returned.
  3. User’s Top Artists, Tracks - Top-level user information such as top artists and tracks.

If you currently have an app that uses The Echo Nest API, check out the Spotify Web API as we’ve already migrated the most-used features.

As always, we’ll continue to add additional features and enhancements to ensure you have what you need for development.

For more information on these new APIs check out this post.