Time for some news on what we have been working on recently!

Collaborative Playlists Now Supported in Our Web API

Many of you have requested that collaborative playlists should be supported in the Spotify Web API. Our developers have worked hard on making this happen and we recently released a new scope; playlist-read-collaborative. With this, you can:

Read your collaborative playlists

  • Add tracks to collaborative playlists that you own
  • Reorder and remove tracks in collaborative playlists that you own
  • Change the details of collaborative playlists that you own

You can try this out yourself, using our Web API Console. Find out more on Using Scopes and Collaborative Playlists.

Please note that your application may only modify a playlist on behalf of a user if the user is the playlist’s owner

Spotify iOS SDK Beta 8 Released

Some examples of what’s new:

  • Separate request creation and response parsing functions
  • More following APIs
  • Back-end filtering of available tracks
  • Bug Fixes and more!

Visit GitHub to read more and to download the latest version.

LibSpotify Discontinued

Say hello to our mobile SDKs for iOS and Android! Moving forward, these are the preferred SDKs for mobile development. LibSpotify and CocoaLibSpotify are no longer under active development on any platform and are now considered deprecated. Developers for other platforms can look forward to a new library coming later this year.

Latest Updates

  • We have added a FAQ section to the bottom of popular pages on the developer site, collecting feedback received from the comments you have given us.
  • Spotify Developer team will visit the Midem Event on June 5-8 in Cannes, France.
  • Spotify has partnered with RunKeeper, read more here on how to use it on your iPhone.