We are pleased to announce that we’ve removed distribution restrictions on all apps built with the Spotify iOS SDK and Spotify Android SDK. Yes, you can now distribute your creations via app stores!

And this also means that any non-streaming mobile app that meets our Developer Terms of Service can be monetized - you can, for example, sell the app directly, sell access to it, and sell advertising, sponsorships or promotions in the mobile app or on its website!

And if you are building applications that stream full-length tracks, you can still distribute your apps via app stores – you just cannot sell them or monetize them in other ways.

Please note that both SDKs are still designated as “beta” releases. That’s because we are aware of a few remaining issues (that we are, of course, trying hard to fix). Both SDKs are close to being stable but we want to make sure that we get out anything that might cause a breaking change before we give them a formal release number.