Help Your Users Discover New Music

The Browse feature within Spotify helps users discover new music by showing them new album releases and curated playlists. Now we’ve added two endpoints to our Web API to make it easy for your applications to retrieve these recommended items.

The endpoints areGet a List of Featured Playlists andGet a List of New Releases. Both endpoints accept an optional country parameter to allow you to filter the returned items to those that are relevant to a particular country.

We have prepared a demo so you can see it in action, and we have also added it to Thirtify, our sample web player that uses the Web API.

Demo of the New Releases endpoint

Get Artist and User Follower Counts

We often get requests to expose details about followers. So as a first step towards solving this we have added follower counts to our three endpoints that return full artist objects, Get an Artist,Get Several Artists, andGet an Artist’s Related Artists, and to our two endpoints that return user profiles, Get a User’s Profile and Get Current User’s Profile. More followers functionality will be added in the near future.

New Fields For User Profiles

As well as user follower counts, we now return user display names and profile images for the Get a User’s Profile endpoint, and we’ve removed the need to acquire a scope from both this and the Get Current User’s Profile endpoint. By using this newly available data you will be able give Spotify users a much more personalized experience.

Filter Searches According to a User’s Country

Search is our most popular endpoint and some time ago we added a “market” parameter to allow search results to be filtered so that only items with content playable in a particular market are returned. (For example, adding “market=SE” to the search request’s query string returns items playable in Sweden.)

Now we’ve added functionality to read the user’s country from an access token. Simply get an access token for the user from the Spotify Accounts Service (see our Authorization Guide), pass it in with the search request, and set the request query string to “market=from_token”. Now the items returned from the query will be limited to items playable in the user’s country. For more details, see our comprehensive documentation for the Search endpoint.

For a complete list of currently available endpoints, see our Web API Endpoint Reference.

Happy coding! The Spotify Platform Team