We’ve made it even easier to try out requests to our Web API by adding an interactive console to our developer website. Now you can quickly test endpoint calls and see results without needing to implement calls in code. Using the console should help speed up the development of your application.

All our Web API endpoints are available through the console, including our album, artist, and track metadata endpoints and our endpoints for playlist, music library, and user management.

The console also help you retrieve an OAuth token when you need one and provides intelligent prompts for selecting authorization scopes. Each console endpoint provides fields for required IDs, keys, filters, and paging controls. And with a single click you can fill the request fields with sample data.

Web API Console

Click the Try It! button to see each request in action, including full HTTP request and response headers as well as the complete response body. This makes it easy to see what is going on in each call, to troubleshoot errors, and make use of helpers like cache-control headers and eTags where available.

When you make a request we show you the equivalent call in cURL syntax. You can even link directly to a prefilled console page that you can share with other developers so that they too can try out a request.

All the console pages link back to the main documentation for the endpoint, and our examples in our documentation pages link to the appropriate page in the console.

Explore the Spotify Web API Console