We’re happy to announce the release of iOS SDK Beta 5 (Release Candidate) with a number of new features and bug fixes. You can read more about the iOS SDK on the Spotify Developer Site and download it from the spotify/ios-sdk GitHub repo.

What’s New

  • We merged the functionality of the SPTTrackPlayer into SPTAudioStreamingController, giving you proper support for gapless playback, shuffle, etc.
  • You can now remove tracks from playlists. (Issue #2)
  • Shuffle is properly supported. (Issue #25)
  • The examples are background-audio enabled. (Issue #35)
  • You can now call a Logout function explicitly. (Issue #42)
  • Multi-get functionality for Tracks, Albums, Artists and Playlists. (Issue #66)
  • You can add multiple tracks to playlists at once. (Issue #118)
  • A couple of easter eggs.

Bugs Fixed

  • Follower count is returned for playlists. (Issue #57)
  • Images, external urls and description is returned for playlists.
  • You get a notification when a track was skipped because it’s unavailable. (Issue #102)
  • currentPlaybackPosition is properly reset on track change. (Issue #112)
  • SPTAuthUserReadPrivateScope is defined. (Issue #116)
  • SPTAudioStreamingController completion block is called correctly. (Issue #117)
  • Partial track, album and artist return properties that were missing. (e.g. available territories and external urls.)