Endpoints for removing and replacing tracks now make it even easier to work with users’ playlists.

The Remove tracks from a playlist endpoint lets you remove one or more tracks from a user’s playlist. You can target specific tracks by their position or choose to remove all occurrences of a track from the playlist. By specifying an optional snapshot id you can also make your changes against a particular playlist version, avoiding concurrent editing clashes.

To make bulk changes to the contents of a playlist — like clearing a playlist’s tracks — without needing to delete and create a new one, you can use the new Replace a playlist’s tracks endpoint. This endpoint replaces the whole contents of the playlist with up to 100 tracks, making it easy to re-order or refresh the playlist for your user.

If you would like to try out working examples of these new endpoints, as well as the rest of our Spotify Web API, check out our demo app Thirtify (app, source). Right-click on a track of one of your Thirtify playlists and click Delete:

An example of the remove tracks endpoint

We are adding new endpoints to the Web API all the time. Remember that all significant changes to our Web API are recorded in our Change Log.