We traveled to the canals of Amsterdam last week to hang with 150+ hackers at Kings Of Code Hack Battle, hosted by The Next Web.


We let developers test our iOS SDK Beta 2 and a beta version of our new Web API.

Out of the 37 projects, here our some of our favorites:

Mix ‘n Match is a Spotify app that connects your FB social graph and listening history to find you a date.

**Bubble-style iOS app that integrates Spotify, Soundcloud, and Deezer. It uses the Spotify Web API and iOS SDK beta.

Listen With Me takes all of the open.spotify.com links in one’s Twitter feed and displays them with a visualization.

Hodor is a mixture of Twitter, Spotify, and The Echo Nest. It takes all the tweets containing #Nowplaying and #Spotify, then passes the track to The Echo Nest to obtain a similar song with low hotttness. Then Hodor generate a Top 100 of unpopular songs similar to popular songs.


Battlebear combines Spotify, Deezer, The Echo Nest, WebSockets and JS Audio API to build a client side music quiz game. A user connects with their Twitter account, before pairing up with another user to guess tracks based on short audio previews.

Hipster City is a city guide for hipsters. Uses Spotify and The Echo Nest to create a playlist based on familiarity and hotttness.



**Spotigrid for the email sending.

Beat For Speed plays music based on the speed you are driving. At the end of the trip you can see all of the songs you have heard and save it as a playlist. Uses the new Spotify iOS SDK and The Echo Nest for tempo/mood.

MXR is a Spotify party app that lets users clip the length of the song either from the beginning or the end.

Playli.be takes a Deezer URL and finds the equivalent Spotify URL and then shortens it.


Soundhub is music + location. It’s is a mobile app that creates playlists based on the weather and mood at a specific location. Users can upvote/downvote or add their own songs.

Pulse Music is a Spotify app that shows you the most recent and popular tweets about the song you’re currently playing. 3RUtC3h

It was awesome to hang out with so many talented developers, designers, and marketing minds in Amsterdam. We are planning to be at the next two hackathons that The Next Web is throwing: Sao Paolo in August, and New York in October.

Our next hackathon in Music Hack Day in San Francisco in a few weeks. RSVP here, we hope to see you there!

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