In December 2011, we announced the Spotify Apps platform to the world. It enabled the launch of many different experiences in the Spotify Desktop Client, with apps from, musiXmatch, Rolling Stone, Soundrop and Tunewiki, amongst many more brilliant examples.

Since then partners have been asking us for a cheaper and easier way to own a presence inside Spotify and developers would like more ways to integrate Spotify with their own applications. Pair that with the growing importance of mobile and we realized we needed to adapt. As a result, as of this week we will not be accepting any new submissions for Spotify apps for release in the App Finder. For existing app developers this will not mean any changes to your app. As long as your app is on API 1.x it will continue to be available in the Spotify desktop app. Furthermore, we’ll honor any approvals we’ve already made and bring them through the process.

Over the coming months we’ll be adding new features for partners in Spotify and expanding the features of our Web API, as well as releasing new mobile SDKs. For example, we just released a public beta of our new iOS SDK. You can make sure you’re up to date with all new releases and announcements by signing up to our developer newsletter.

Are apps disappearing from the Desktop Player?

All the existing apps will be available in the Desktop player for the foreseeable future. We are working on new APIs and SDKs and streamlined procedures that will make it much easier for developers to work with us in the future.

What does this mean for the app I have now?

As long as your app is using API 1.x there will be no change for you and your app will continue to work in the Spotify desktop app. If your app is on the old version of the API it will need to be upgraded to continue working after the 1st of April 2014. All details for such changes can be found in our upgrade guide and you should have received messaging about this from our platform team within the past few months.

Can I update my existing app?

We’ll only be accepting critical updates going forward. For general support please post your questions on Stack Overflow and tag it with #spotify.

Can I still build apps for local use?

Absolutely. The Spotify Apps API 1.x will continue to function and you will be able to get a developer account, build an app and use it locally.

I have this great app idea. What should I do now?

Take a look at our other APIs on our developer site and also sign-up to our newsletter to keep up to date with our latest developments. For iOS apps, you can use our iOS SDK and for Android, the Android SDK.