Last weekend, Tunaspot and MINC hosted Malmö Music Hack Weekend. With 120 seats available for hackers, designer and thinkers and a 24 hour race against the clock, we saw many unexpected and interesting collaborations come to life. Spotify was present, as well as representatives from Sony Mobile, Deezer, SoundCloud, The Echo Nest, Neo4j, Midem &



The winners

The grand prize winners were LiveCloud with their live coding application. The hack is “in essence a visualization of a Web Audio graph, which updates in real-time, as you add and connect nodes” - in the example below using Soundcloud.


Our favorite hack was from made by John-Philip, Johan & Jonas with their app PartySaver, a web based app that runs together with Spotify and displays info/pictures about what’s currently playing. This gives you a rich and visually appealing experience when you host a party or bring over some friends for a dinner. The solution also includes a web-based remote control so you never have to leave the couch or dinner table.


Other notable hacks

Another hack we took notice of was PartyMote, a classic playlist party app with the feature of weighting the playlist against how many tracks you as a user have added to it. So if one user adds 10 tracks and another users adds two, the latter will be mixed in at even pace - thus making the playlist democratic.


PopDevelop did an app called Careless Whistle that allows you to whistle when logging into a home page

Screenshot 2013-11-08 16.26.55

SynCloud did synchronized playback on multiple Android device with SoundCloud streams, including OpenGL ES 2.0 based real-time equalizer visualization.


Beater did a context aware MIDI.js step sequencer

Screenshot 2013-11-08 16.44.35

I also took the liberty to refresh some of my visual mapping skills, here I’m using quartz composer and madmapper to light up random plaques at the hackthon space.

To sum it up

Big thanks to Alex & Maisa for hosting this weekend and all the surprises that happened! Everything from the infinite amount of popcorn, the one hour lunch break with techno and the fantastic Turn of Your Television performing on Saturday night. The hacks were inspiring and the atmosphere great, looking forward to next year already!

_1024px_3 _1024px_9

All photos by Jamin Pirnia except the first one by John-Philip.