Artists, music labels, fan groups, magazines, event organizers, and many other Spotify users are making the most of our new widget: the Spotify Follow Button.


Adding a Follow button to your website or social media page can dramatically increase the number of people watching your Spotify profile. Artists like Avicii and Armin van Buuren have already posted Follow buttons on their websites, giving them an even larger audience for their music.

Online music magazines and newspapers like MTV News are also discovering the ways that embedding Follow buttons can add a new dimension to their news stories, as in their popular recent article “11 Artists You Have To Follow On Spotify”.


It’s easy to create the Follow button widget for any user with a Spotify profile. The Follow button code generator at the Spotify Developer site gets the code you need in just a few clicks. You can also get the code direct from an artist’s or user’s profile by clicking on the “Share” button. The Follow button adds followers without diverting them away from your website. playlists-net Spotify users receive updates whenever new tracks and albums are added to a profile that they are following. Plus they get a direct link to the followed profile in Spotify music players and therefore instant access to playlists, discography, biography and other information. provide users with the opportunity to join with more than 100,000 existing followers right from their home page.


Spotify Follow buttons play nicely with other social media links too, providing music fans with multiple ways to support their favorite artists. Isac Elliot, for example, has his Follow button right next to his other social media links. Meanwhile, if you want playback you can also embed Spotify Play buttons and provide your Spotify visitors with an instant way to play tracks without leaving your website.

Update (Nov 2017): We’ve since added three new ways of playback: iOS SDK, Android SDK and the Web Playback SDK. Check them out!