Raspberry Pi

We’re pleased to annouce the beta release of libspotify 12.1.103 for hardfloat armv6, allowing native support for platforms like the Raspberry Pi.

Please be aware that as a beta release, this build may be unstable. We’re working on bringing a stable release soon.

API changes from 12.1.51 in this release:

  • sp_session_toplist_for_user_create() to get a user’s toplist.
  • sp_track_has_explicit_lyrics() to get whether a track is flagged as having explicit lyrics.
  • sp_search_playlist() to get a playlist object directly from a search that contains playlists.
  • New field in sp_session_config: ca_certs_filename.
  • New callback in sp_session_callbacks: unaccepted_licenses_updated().
  • New methods for getting and accepting Spotify ToS on login:
    • sp_session_num_unaccepted_licenses()
    • sp_session_unaccepted_license_id()
    • sp_session_url_for_license()
    • sp_session_accept_licenses()